Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Welcome DE Training Attendees

March 30, 2010

Dear CUDE Training Attendee:

Again, welcome to the National Credit Union Foundation’s Credit Union Development Education Program! The mission of this program is to communicate and promote the unique role of credit unions in cooperative development and credit union philosophy and assist in obtaining support for credit union programs worldwide. Your involvement is key to the success of the program.

Just a reminder that training registration runs from 3:00 – 5:00 PM on Wednesday, April 14 and from 9:00 – 10:00 AM on Thursday, April 15. There will be an informal reception and dinner Wednesday evening beginning at 5:30 PM. This time together will provide you with an opportunity to get to know your fellow students in a relaxed atmosphere. DE Training will officially begin with the Welcome Session beginning at 10:00 AM on Thursday morning. Departure flights should be booked for Wednesday, April 21 after 12:00 PM (Noon). It is important to contact us immediately once your flights have been booked with your day/date of arrival and departure, the airline you are flying, and your flight number. This will greatly assist us in making transportation simple and at the greatest savings.

We want you to be fully prepared for your volunteer role as a Development Educator, so we have designed the training session to be packed with information that leads to powerful discussion. Credit union uniqueness, philosophy, social responsibility, and development are broad and encompassing subjects that will be explored in a global context throughout the training. To that end, you will receive copies of People, Not Profit and Real Stories from Credit Unions to read while attedning the training program. These books were generously discounted to the DE Program by Credit Union National Association’s Center for Professional Development.

In the next few days you will receive emails with additional articles that will also steer your thinking and further prepare you for the thought-provoking discussions that occur during DE Training.

This letter and other relevant information will be posted online for your reference at http://detraining.blogspot.com. The DE Training blog will be continually updated with any information we send you in the future.

Thank you for your dedication to the credit union movement through your commitment to attend Development Education Training. You will be joining a remarkable list of participants from around the world who share your passion for credit unions.

I look forward to meeting you very soon.


Tom Decker
CUDE Program Director

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