Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Caribbean DE Participant Letter Three

DE Training Participants:

DE Training is just days away. We hope you're keeping up with your reading. This is just a quick note to check in with you and provide you with your final pre-training assignment.

In the last mailing, you received articles on issues that would stimulate your thinking in preparation of some provocative and challenging discussions. This assignment focuses on the 12 development issues identified by the World Council of Credit Unions (WOCCU). Working together can make a real difference in the lives of people in our towns, cities, country, and the world. These development issues provide us with dilemmas and barriers, but more importantly, they provide us with challenges to overcome. Attached to this email is a list and summary of the development issues that will be discussed in-depth and used throughout the training.

They are:

Access to Credit Health

Appropriate Technology Housing

Democratic Institutions and Practices Hunger

Education Income Generation

Employment Savings Mobilization

Environment Women in Development

Your assigned development issue is assigned below.

Your final pre-training assignment is to research your assigned “DEVELOPMENT ISSUE” and find at least one article that pertains to the development of credit unions on a global approach.

Check out the following websites as they may be helpful in researching your articles:

Ø American City Business Journals –

Ø The Christian Science Monitor –

Ø CU360 -

Ø The Internet Public Library –

Ø The Microfinance Gateway –

From your articles, please come up with 1 or 2 points that you feel are most important to share with the group. If possible, be prepared to discuss how credit unions can play a role in this area for their members and their community, either in the U.S. or in developing countries.

It will be difficult to take a huge, societal development issue and boil it down to one or two points, but please do so. At least two other students will have been assigned the same topic and all of you will be asked to compare your findings and make a BRIEF (3 – 5 minutes) group presentation.

Please bring a copy of your article(s) with you for reference at the training session.

Don’t forget to pack your auction item(s), your checkbook, cash or credit cards for the Tuesday night fundraising auction. All proceeds benefit the National Credit Union Foundation’s Development Education Fund.

We look forward to seeing you very soon!


Colleen Bernabe': Access to Credit

Lennox Bowman: Appropriate Technology

Damani Brizan: Democratic Institutions and Practices

Clement Carty: Education

Rhoda Celaire: Employment

Yola Charles: Environment

Sharol Christian-Malone: Health

Orville Combie: Housing

Georgette Hanley: Hunger

Celina Hercules: Income Generation

Laurine Jno Jules: Savings Mobilization

Faron Lawrence: Women in Development

Andy Liburd: Access to Credit

Joycelyn Martin: Appropriate Technology

Stephanie Missick-Jones: Democratic Institutions and Practices

Bert Mullings: Education

Ingrid O'Marde: Employment

Paul McDowell: Environment

Alexander Prince: Health

Theresa Royer: Housing

Craig Stapleton: Hunger

Florina Thomas: Income Generation

Mark Trotman: Savings Mobilization

Michelle Wallace: Women in Development

James Webbe: Access to Credit

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