Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Caribbean DE Participant Letter Two

Dear CUDE Training Participant:

Caribbean DE Training is just a few short days away. This is just a quick note to check in and to provide you with your first pre-training assignment.

Listed below are several articles to get you thinking about leadership and development in a global perspective. Each article is intended to provide you insight on issues that will be discussed throughout the training.

Article One – Philosophy Training is Good for Business

http://www.ncuf.coop/media/DE/Philosophy Training is Good for Business.pdf

Article Two – Create a Culture of Innovation

http://www.ncuf.coop/media/DE/Create a Culture of Innovation.doc

Article Three – Making a Difference

http://www.ncuf.coop/media/DE/Making a Difference. PDF

Article Four – What Ownership is All About


(Articles 1-4 with permission by Credit Union National Association)

Article Five – Our Commitment to the Community – A proclamation by Desjardin


Article Six – Change Everything (a blog site dedicated to changing communities and sponsored by a credit union)


Article Seven – Changing the Game: Leading corporations switch from defense to offense in solving global problems http://www.ssireview.com/pdf/2006SP_feature_Kramer_Kania.pdf

Article Eight – Microfinance Open Book Blog


As always, links to these will also be posted at the DE Training Program Blog at http://detraining.blogspot.com.

On another subject, the training includes an auction - a great event and a terrific way of giving back to the DE Program. That said, we encourage you to bring a checkbook, credit card, or cash (yours or the credit union’s – it doesn’t matter), and most important, bring special items from your country to donate to the auction! We’ll be most grateful for anything and everything you can donate. The more donated items, the more money we can raise for future DE-scholarships and DE-related development projects.

Enjoy the readings. If you have any questions at all, email me at this address. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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